Music Camp!

Join us for our 62nd season next summer, 2020! Registration will open January 6.

Art Camp!

Campers develop and expand their art skills at Art Camp. Register starting January 6 for your choice of 6 different weeks next summer!

Chess Camp!

Join us for Chess Camp 2020! Register in January for Chess Week!

Founded in 1959!

Kids have been creating music, having fun and making great, life-long memories and friends for nearly 6 decades. Join us in 2020 for our 62nd season!

Gift certificates available for music, art or chess camp

Bring the joy of making music and great memories with a gift certificate to Hummingbird Music Camp

Notes from Camp

  • 5 Fun Chess Facts...

    The word “Checkmate” comes from the Arabic phrase “Shah Mat” and means “the King is dead.”
    Since the last piece to move into action is the Rook, players in their first year are called “Rookies.”
    Theoretically, the longest chess game possible is […]

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  • PAPA Chorus Performance...

    The 2018 fall concert by the Public Academy for Performing Arts chorus included a tribute to Hummingbird Music Camp.
    Directed by our own, Ed Torrez.
    You can hear the chorus by clicking on the link to the video posted on our Hummingbird […]

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  • PAPA Chorus Tribute to Mimi...

    Hummingbird campers who also attend the Public Academy for Performing Arts (PAPA) perform “Today,” by John Denver, in tribute to Hummingbird Music Camp and Wanda (Mimi) Higgins. This endearing tribute was part of the New Mexico Platinum Music Award Ceremony, […]

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