Teacher Application

Interested in teaching at Hummingbird Music Camp this summer? With the 2017 season quickly approaching, please complete and submit this application for consideration and best chance of availability of your desired week(s).

Please submit this application form no later than March 20, 2017

A confirmation letter and teaching contract will be sent after March 21, 2017 to verify acceptance and your teaching dates.

Contact Information

Schedule of 2017 Camp Weeks

Weeks Start Date End Date
Week 1 May 28 June 04
Week 2 June 04 June 11
Week 3 June 11 June 18
Week 4 June 18 June 25
Week 5 June 25 July 02
Week 6 July 02 July 09
Week 7 July 09 July 16
Week 8 July 16 July 23
Week 9 July 23 July 30

Music Camp Weeks

I wish to apply for the following 1 week or2 weeks of Music Camp

Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7Week 8Week 9

Art Camp Weeks

I wish to apply for the following 1 week or2 weeks of Art Camp

Week 1Week 2Week 4Week 5Week 7Week 8

Chess Camp Week

I wish to apply for Chess Camp Week

Week 3


I prefer to specialize in (choose one):


Private Lessons Preference

Please list the instrument(s) for which you can teach private lessons at Camp. Use the space below to provide additional information about music, art or chess camp.

Note: If this will be your first year teaching at Hummingbird Music Camp, please send a resume by U.S. mail, fax or via email attachment so that we may pair you up with our senior staff to aid you through your first time at camp.

Hummingbird Music Camp

104 Hummingbird Road,
Jemez Springs, New Mexico 87025

Fax: (575) 829-3226

If you have any questions about the application form or process, please contact Sally Chapman (Music Camp and Chess Camp) or Teena King (Art Camp) by calling the Camp office (575) 829-3060.