• Rusty and the Rainbow Bridge

    hummingbird music camp mascot Rusty RIP

    R.I.P. Rusty, Our True Friend

    Hello everyone! Some of you have heard and some of you have not, but yesterday we lost Rusty…….

    Rusty lived to be 15 years old which is pretty incredible for a golden. He was not only a great dog, but a true friend to many of us (humans and dogs). He had the best life a dog could dream of!
    Rusty had all those wonderful things Mimi always talked about on Saturday night, in a big circle under the stars, “the mountains, the river, the music, and the kids!” As K.L. Higgins would have called it, “Paradise!”

    He would want you all to know that he will always be at Camp in spirit, and he will always want to go for another hike! If any of you have some pictures of Rusty, I would truly love to see them! Please post them to our Hummingbird Facebook page, or email them to me at hmcjemez@gmail.com.

    I hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and get to share it with your families and loved ones! From the Higgins family and the Hummingbird family, Happy Thanksgiving!

    Taylor Higgins

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