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  • International Trombone Week!

    photo of trombone instruments

    Did you know that International Trombone Week is being celebrated April 2 – April 9, 2017?

    The trombone is a wonderful part of the Brass Family of instruments used in symphonies, marching bands, and even modern jazz ensembles. At Hummingbird Music Camp, we love all the brass instruments and welcome budding trombonists to our camp!

    Typically, trombones have a telescoping slide mechanism that changes the pitch by varying the length of the instrument. The slide is the most distinguishing feature of the trombone, which is a close relative to the trumpet. In fact, the origin of the word itself means “big trumpet.” Most modern trombones also lower the pitch by using rotary valves, like those on a trumpet. But the sounds of the trombone are distinctively different!

    Trombones are distinguished by their size and pitch. The most common trombones are the bass trombone and the tenor trombone, but there are also contrabass, alto, soprano and piccolos. For good information about this instrument’s history and techniques, check out the Wikipedia article on trombones.

    Play this YouTube video by Trent Hamilton to hear a sampling of the rich sounds made by the different trombones:

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