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  • Happy Birthday Bartolomeo Cristofori

    Today’s birthday is special in the music world. Bartolomeo Cristofori was born May 4, 1655 and he invented what we know as the piano, in 1700.

    The piano is considered the most important instrument of Western Classical Music. Almost all notable composers were proficient on the piano.

    Do you know who is arguable the greatest pianist of all time?
    Franz Liszt.

    The word piano was originally pianoforte, which in Italian means “Quite” (piano) and “Loud” (forte).

    We would love to see every person have access to a piano in their childhood, to learn about music fundamentals and how to read sheet music. There are many simple songs that almost anyone can learn to play on the piano. What was the first song that you learned to play? Have you taught that song to your own child?

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