• Starting a Game of Chess

    Hummingbird Chess Camp photo

    There is so much to learn and know about chess, but setting up the board correctly gets you started! Three easy to remember rules for setting up the chess board and starting a game:

    1. Light is right.
      The light square on the bottom of the board is always on your right.
    2. The Queen’s “shoes” must match.
      The light queen’s “feet” are on the light square, the dark queen’s “feet” are on the dark square.
    3. Light goes first.
      If you want to take turns going first, you must switch colors for each new game.

    When your child is ready to learn more, consider our week long chess camp at Hummingbird Music Camp. Our teachers make chess fun and teach the game to players of all skill levels. Competition is friendly, with a tournament at the end of the week.

    Hummingbird’s chess campers will have expert instruction as well as the opportunity to enjoy traditional summer camp activities like hiking, group singing, campfire stories and bunking down in a dorm. They will be making friends and memories to last a lifetime.

    This year Chess Camp Week starts on Sunday, June 11 and ends on June 18, 2017. Sign up now to make sure we have a spot for your chess enthusiast!

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