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Arriving Campers

  • Please park in the field at Gate 2 and go to the Gallery for Registration from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm.
  • All campers must check in before putting their belongings in the dorm.
  • Take all medications with you to Registration.
  • Camp will start at 4:00 pm. All new campers will meet at “the Wall” next to the flag pole at 4:00 pm.
    (If raining, meet in the Concert Shell.)
  • NOTE: Staffers, CIT’s and Counselors need to arrive at 9:45 am for orientation and training. Lunch will be provided.


  • Dorms open at 11:00 am and beds are first-come, first-served. Tip: Save your bunk and a bunk for a friend by placing your personal belongings on them (single beds are reserved for counselors).
    • Not happy with their bunk? Counselors sort it out after camp starts.
  • Boys in the Greenhouse. Girls choose from Pierson Hall or the Beehive (see map below).

Electronic Devices:

  • Electronic devices are not allowed at camp. Counselors will collect them at the start of camp.
    Please do not bring any electronic devices to camp.


  • Please turn in all medications to the Head Counselors at Registration in the Gallery.


  • Meals for registered campers begin with dinner on Sunday and end with lunch on the following Sunday.

Cavity Cave (Snack Shack):

  • Open daily for campers as scheduled.
  • During their camp stay, Cavity Cave is included in their camp fee.
  • Non-campers – all snack items are $1 each when Cavity Cave is open.

Transfer Class:

  • Expand your horizons by trying a new instrument for free or, during Art Weeks, an art project for free.
  • Transfer class starts on Wednesday at 5 pm.

Camp’s Daily Schedule:

  • Look for schedules posted on bulletin boards in buildings throughout Camp.


  • CONCERTS and RECITALS will be recorded both with video and audio as well as viewed on social media.


  • Send letters/small packages no later than Wednesday.
  • Please address with:

Camper’s full name Week #

Hummingbird Music Camp

104 Hummingbird Road

Jemez Springs, NM 87025

  • You can leave a care package in the camp office on the bench with a note for who and when to give it to your camper. Saves postage!
  • Please keep in mind the critters love snacks just as much as the campers do!

Time Away:

  • Campers who need to leave during the week must fill out a “Time Away” form during registration.

 Hummingbird Music Camp Grounds and Buildings

Hummingbird Music Camp Grounds and Buildings map
Hummingbird Music Camp Grounds and Buildings

*Camp Boundaries:

  • If you leave your child before Camp starts at 4:00 pm, please inform them of Camp boundaries:
    Campers should not go into the parking lot, up to the road, to the river, or past the Beehive.