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Welcome to Hummingbird Music Camp where, for the past 61 years, children have created and continue to create incredible, life-long memories in the Jemez Mountains while learning to play, create, or improve on skills they already have in music, art, and chess. Inviting campers of all skill levels from beginning (has never played an instrument, or had art or chess lesson before) to advanced. All campers receive private lessons as well as participate in a group ensemble. At the end of the week music campers get to perform in a recital, art campers get to have their art work displayed in an Art Show and chess campers get to participate in an Awards Ceremony. All campers have unique concert experiences, including a videotaped recital session to share with family and friends.

In addition to lessons and ensembles, campers get to participate in amazing recreational activities that include a campfire, overnight camp out with a hike, game night, skit night, hike to the Jemez Springs waterfall, and dance. They get daily free time to fish, swim, water walk, play basketball, volleyball, soccer, or just hang out with friends!

Hummingbird offers a safe and unforgettable camp experience. We have experienced and trained counselors who  encourage campers to participate in groups, respect one another, and have fun being a kid in the mountains! Get ready for a most memorable time in your life! Register today !

Complete listings of each Camp’s (music, art, and chess) session dates are on our Summer Camp Dates page