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Typical Day at Camp

Typical Daily Activities at Hummingbird Music Camp

6:45           Rise & Shine!

7:10           Inspection

7:20           Flag Raising & Breakfast Skits

7:30           Breakfast

8:00           Choir

9:00           Rehearsal

10:00         Private Lessons

11:00         Organized Recreation (scavenger hunt, marker tag, games and more)

12:00         Lunch

12:30         Sack Out

1:30           Rehearsal

2:30           Cavity Cave (our snack shack)

3:00           Lessons

4:00           Free Time (water walking, swimming, fishing, lawn games, relaxing in the dorms)

6:00           Dinner

6:45           Rehearsal

7:45           Cavity Cave

8:15           Night Activity Schedule

Sunday            square dancing

Monday           campfire and songs

Tuesday           overnight camp out – with hike the next morning

Wednesday     game night

Thursday         skit night

Friday              moonlight hike to waterfall

Saturday          concert at Jemez Springs historic site

9:30 – 10:00     Lights out