Our Founders

hummingbird music camp higgins portrait

Kenneth and Wanda Higgins

He had a dream, and he made a commitment to make that dream a reality. His vision was born in 1959 when Hummingbird Music Camp first opened its doors. This humble dreamer was Kenneth Lloyd Higgins, a gentle and powerful educator in the Albuquerque Public School System for 38 years.

Today, you can still feel his presence in the strong and loving warmth radiated by the Higgins family as they keep Hummingbird Music Camp vibrant and alive with all the traditional family values intact.

Nestled by the Jemez River in the Jemez Mountains of New Mexico, Hummingbird Music Camp offers every child an opportunity to grow as an individual, a team player and as a fine musician under the guidance of a talented and nurturing staff.

This safe and lovingly structured social environment provides a home away from home for children to express themselves and their talents. This is accomplished through hard work and practice, bonding with new friends. Removed from city congestion, these growing children have the opportunity to sleep in a dorm with their new buddies, breathe clean, fresh air in these breathtakingly glorious mountains, sing crazy camp songs, listen to the tall tales told around the campfire, go on overnight hikes, and square dance. In addition there’s game night, skit night, concerts, swimming in the river, and the awesome feeling of catching a first fish.

Hummingbird’s staff and counselors have all been raised under the Higgins family traditions and teachings, which keeps the camp running smoothly and peacefully. Although music is taken very seriously at the camp, the focus is not on competition. The children are encouraged to grow musically on their chosen instruments by starting their musical instruction at their current level of ability. Their experience at camp is enriched by private music lessons, chorus, transfer band, solos, concerts, and finally, they show their folks how much they’ve learned and grown when they perform for them on Sundays.

Nothing can be more empowering for a child than a camping experience at Hummingbird Music Camp, according to thousands of former campers. Watching children’s musical talents and personalities blossom at Hummingbird was one of Kenneth Lloyd Higgins’ greatest joys, and in fulfillment of his dream the hills surrounding Hummingbird Music Camp are alive with music – and now art and chess.

Wanda Higgins, Director