When does camp begin?

Camp begins at 4:00 pm on Sunday, June 5, 2022.

When does camp end?

The last day of camp for the 2022 season is Sunday, July 31st.

How long does camp last?

The Hummingbird Music Camp season is 8 weeks long this year.  Each week begins on a Sunday with registration opening at 11:00 am, and ends on the following Sunday after the art exhibit and concert,  about 3:45 pm.

When are the concerts?

There is a full concert at the end of each camp session that begins at 1:45 pm on Sunday.

There is also a concert in an historic site in Jemez Springs that begins at 6:00 pm on Saturday.

There is a voluntary concert of solo performances on Sunday mornings at 11:00 am.

Concerts will be videotaped and posted on social media as quickly as possible, usually within 1 week of the concert.

How do I know if my child is playing in the recital?

Each Camper who volunteers will play a recital piece starting at 11:00 am on Sunday.

When does registration at camp begin and where is it?

Registration begins at 11:00 am (10:45 am for Staffers, CIT’s and Counselors) in the Gallery.  Registration in the Gallery ends at 2:00 pm.  Special arrangements may be made by calling prior to your arrival at 575-829-3060.

Can you attend more than one week ?

Sure, but we recommend a maximum of 2 weeks in a row.

Is there transportation from the Albuquerque Airport to camp?

You will need to provide your own transportation from the airport to camp.

What special diets can you accommodate?

We serve vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, nut free, dairy free and other special diets. Just introduce yourself to Chip and Bettyann, our cooks. They’ll make sure your dietary needs are met.

What is “transfer class”?

Transfer class is an opportunity for a camper to try out an instrument they’ve not had the chance to explore. During art weeks you can create an art project for fun. There is no extra fee and it is voluntary.

Can you attend art and music camp or chess and music camp at the time?

No, but everyone gets some music by being in the choir, and you can take transfer class to experience one of the other camp’s activities that is in session.

Are there scholarships to Hummingbird Music Camp?

We encourage area music and art teachers to give scholarships, so please ask your music or art teacher.

Also, the Sky Velvet Vassar Foundation partners with Hummingbird to give scholarships. You can find them on line at http://skyvelvetvassar.com/

Please feel free to call the camp for more information about scholarships.

When is payment for camp due?

You must make a $250.00 deposit and pay the tax amount when you register for one week at camp.  Of that deposit, if you have to cancel, $100 is non-refundable or you can re-schedule for a different session. The balance is due when you bring your child to camp.  You may make payments prior to bringing your child to camp.  If you need to make payments after camp starts, please talk to one of our directors.

What are the ages of campers at Hummingbird Music Camp?

We accept children ages 8 to 14.

Is there a discount for campers who are siblings?

We cannot offer a sibling discount, however there may be a scholarship opportunity for them. Please see our scholarship opportunities.